Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

Electron Beam Lithography

Southampton Nanofabrication Centre (SNC) consists a 100 kV acceleration voltage Jeol JBX 9300 e-beam writing system.With a minimum beam diameter size of 2 nm, this tool is can achieve critical dimensions down to 8 nm. The current ranges from 50pA up to 100nA with a scan speed of 50MHz,which can offer highest resolution along with minimum write time for the required specifications. Patterns can be rapidly created from CAD files, without the need for a photomask, allowing quick turn around on design modifications. We hold licence for Genisys: BEAMER software for pattern optimization to enhance the high-resolution and throughput of the e-beam.

The system is an ideal fabrication tool for basic to advanced nanoscale research activity. It is capable of patterning a writing field area of 1 mm x 1 mm in high resolution mode and has a maximum wafer size of 300 mm in diameter.


  • Jeol JBX 9300 e-beam writing system
  • Substrate sizes from 3 mm up to 200 mm
  • Loading options for 12 × “50 mm”, 3 × “100 mm”, 2 × “150 mm” and 1 × “200 mm” substrates in one pump-down
  • 2 nm minimum spot size (@100 kV)
  • Minimum resolution of 8 nm line width
  • +/-30 nm overlay and +/-25 nm stitching accuracy

Sub- Category: Resist Processing

Our Nanofabrication facility has an extensive and versatile facility for resist processing such as spray coater,spinners and developers for range of materials like negative, positive, lift-off resists, coating and polymers for e-beam and optical lithography. We have hot-plates and ovens for post/pre-bake motive that can contain substrate sizes up to 200mm. We also have a mask cleaning or lift-off system for heated, high-pressure or spray dispensing of developer, lift-off solutions and DI water that can handle wafers up to 200mm and 230mm masks.