Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

Dice Bond Packaging

The Centre has a range of finishing technologies available for post-fabrication packaging or characterisation. The normal semiconductor scribe and dice facilities are available, as well a precision wire-bonding machine. We also have the capability for prototype novel processes, including wafer-wafer polymer/glue bonding or microfluidic system encapsulation.

Scriber - Mitsuboshi Diamond MS300A-CE

The MS300A meets the requirements for scribing of silicon, glass, and brittle materials in two directions with an automatic alignment function. Handles wafer sizes is up to 300 mm.

Dicing Saw - Loadpoint Microace Series 3

A complete micro-dicing solution for the precision dicing, scribing and grinding needs. It is capable of processing a wide range of materials including silicon, glass, germanium, PZT and sapphire up to 6 inch/150 mm in diameter.

Bonder - Innovative Microelectronic Production Systems 4524 Ball Bonder

A multi process ball bonder with individual bonding parameters control. It has versatile operation modes from manual to fully-automated, for gold wire of 18 to 76 mm in diameter and provides fine control and consistency of ball size. It would be widely used for bonding applications from simple discrete devices to complex hybrid and microwave devices. Bonding area is up to 152 X 152mm (6 X 6 inch).