Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

Associated with the Centre's interests in MEMs, microfluidics and packaging technology, there is a facility for wafer to wafer precision aligning and bonding. The alignment functions is provided by specially designed tools for the double sided aligner, which are then transferred to the bonder. We have the capability for thermal compression bonding, anodic bonding, fusion bonding and UV exposure bonding on wafer sizes up to 150mm. For R&D purposes, the machines are also capable of operating on pieces down to 15mm in size.

EVG 620 TB - double sided mask aligner

This is a high precision, automated aligner capable of aligning wafers (up to 150mm) on both top and bottom side features. Automated top and bottom alignment using specially designed marks is also possible.

EVG 520 TB - bonder

This a thermal bonder, capable of producing contact forces up to 10000N and temperatures in excess of 500°C, with an excellent degree of uniformity and stability across wafer sizes up to 150mm.