Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

Magneto Resistance

The Lakeshore EMTTP4 Cryogenic Probe Station with in plane Magnetic Field is a versatile probe station which will allow magneto-resistance measurements from 10K and 300K without the necessity of bonding the contacts. It is perfectly suitable for nanodevices, such as carbon Nanotube transistors where liquid nitrogen temperatures will reveal most of the effects and it can be used as an initial selection tool before mounting in the single electron transistor system. It is also very suitable for low temperature I-V characterisation on MOSFETs and other electronic devices. It will be connected to a Agilent 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyser.

  • 4 micro manipulators operated down to 10K
  • sample size one inch
  • easy and well controlled temperature scans
  • probe station and magnet to be operated down to 100K without liquid He
  • horizontal magnetic field of at least 0.5T
  • probing down to 10 micron pad size
  • 360 degrees sample rotation