Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

Electrical and RF Characterisation

Southampton Nano Centre offers a range of electrical characterisation systems for both commercial and research purposes varying from liquid He cryostats with magnetic field to a MEMS tester, and a radio-frequency semi-automatic probe station. The systems are described with an associated electrical characterisation analysers, but most analysers can be interchanged according to specific requirements. Although most of the systems are designed with semiconductor wafers in mind, many will allow other devices and materials to be tested. A large selection of analysers is available to connect to any of the above system or to stand alone devices. This includes an Agilent E4443A spectrum analyser, RF impedance analysers, high-frequency Capacitance-Voltage analysers, digital oscilloscopes, and signal generators. Depending on circumstances fA precision in current is possible.

Magneto-resistance System

The Lakeshore EMTTP4 Cryogenic Probe Station with in-plane Magnetic Field is a versatile probe station which will allow magneto-resistance measurements from 10K and 300K without the necessity of bonding the contacts. It is perfectly suitable for nanodevices, such as carbon Nanotube transistors where liquid nitrogen temperatures will reveal most of the effects and very suitable for low temperature I-V characterisation on MOSFETs and other electronic devices.

Single-Electron Transistor System

The Cryogenic Ltd Cryogen free cryomagnet system is perfectly suitable for single and few electron device measurements and other fundamental research on nanoscale devices. The large magnetic field allows a variety of Coulomb blockade measurements.

Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) System

The Sula DLTS with Janis Optical Cryostat in a turn-key system for deep level transient spectroscopy which will allow unique electronic characterisation of materials. It has an optical window for photo-induced DLTS and a fast pulse interface. The combination of charge and current transient spectroscopy allows the system to function on both semiconductors and more insulating materials.

Micro-Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Tester

The MSA-400 Micro System Analyser provides measurements of structural vibrations and surface topology in microstructures such as MEMS, by means of a microscope integrated with Scanning Laser-Doppler Vibrometry, Stroboscopic Video Microscopy and White light Interferometry.

Radio-Frequency (RF) Semi-automatic Prober

The Cascade SUMMIT 12000B Semi-Automatic probe station with Agilent N5250A 67GHz Vector Network Analyzer allows S-parameter measurements and other RF measurements to a high precision. It has a micro chamber, providing a dry, shielded wafer enclosure for reduced EMI and RFI interference and access to the 4 RF positioner controls even when system is electrically sealed.

DC and low frequency Current-Voltage (IV) System

The Cascade R32 REL3200 Probe-Station is the work horse of the electronic characterisation laboratory and is excellent for any top-contact electron device such as MOSFET Characterisation. It is associated with a Agilent 4155C. It has a vibration isolation table, a light tight enclosure and the SEIWA stereo zoom microscope allows probing on ads down to 10 microns. We also have a Cascade M150 Probe Station with a triaxial chuck which allow more precise I-V and C-V measurements with the back of the wafer as one of the contacts. It also has a temperature dependent chuck which will allow above room temperature measurements.

Four point Probe Station

A Jandel Four Point Probe System is available for resistivity measurements on wafers up to 8 inch (similar to v/d Pauw measurements).