Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

DV -IV Probe Station

There are several options available for this type of measurement:

DC and low frequency Current-Voltage (IV) System

The Cascade R32 REL3200 Probe-Station is the work horse of the electronic characterisation laboratory and is excellent for any top-contact electron device such as MOSFET Characterisation. It is associated with a Agilent 4155C. It has a vibration isolation table and a light tight enclosure with triaxial feed-through. The SEIWA stereo zoom microscope with 50x magnification will allow probing on ads down to 10 microns in size. It has 6 sturdy micromanipulators with independent x-y-z control. It can accept wafers up to 6 inch in size (for DC measurements on 8 inch wafers, use the RF probe-station)

DC-IV System with variable Temperature and Triaxial Chuck

The Cascade M150 Probe Station is slightly less sturdy than the REL3200 Probe-Station but makes up for that in its versatility. It has a triaxial chuck which allow more precise I-V and C-V measurements with the back of the wafer as one of the contacts. It also has a temperature dependent chuck which will allow above room temperature measurements. It also has light tight enclosure and 6 manipulators.