Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

There are a number of active research groups operating in the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre from across the University:

The Nano Group, Electronics and Computer Science

"The interests of the Nano research group are focused on fabrication and engineering at the nanometre-length scale to produce a wide range novel devices and integrated systems. This includes the creation and characterization of new metamaterials and the study of biomimetics, which aims to borrow evolutionary solutions to optical and mechanical problems from the natural world. Current research topics encompass MEMS/NEMS devices, photonic crystal circuits, solar cells, new materials, atom chips, Lab-on-a-Chip, particle manipulators, nanomagnetic materials and devices, and nanophotonics, as well as continuing work on ultimate MOS devices."

The ESD Group, Electronics and Computer Science

"is internationally recognised in several areas, including advanced system-on-chip, intelligent sensor microsystems, systems design,  energy harvesting systems and modelling/simulation. These areas occupy different ends of a spectrum of activities - the Group has interests in all aspects of system design and development, all along the information processing chain."

Engineering Materials and Surface Engineering, Engineering Sciences

Involved in research into "the physical processes and interactive mechanisms in materials that affect the performance of engineering systems". In particular, the group is interested in: aerospace and automotive alloys; electronic materials; MEMs and NEMs; electrochemical engineering; surface engineering, corrosion and tribology.